Frymaster Parts & Accessories Each Frymaster 8030170 Equivalent 19 1/2" x 27 1/2" Flat Style Filter Paper - 100/Case

Frymaster 8030170 Equivalent 19 1/2" x 27 1/2" Flat Style Filter Paper - 100/Case


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This Assure Parts 19 1/2" x 27 1/2" woven flat style filter paper for select Frymaster built-in and portable filtration systems ensures clean oil and amazing fried foods. It features a woven design, and allows the frying oil to pass through while also eliminating particles from the oil at the same time. It is designed for use with Filter Magic filters after 5/90 and FootPrint / FootPrint PRO built-in filters. Regularly filtering your fryer oil will extend the life of your oil and allow you to provide your guests with fries, mozzarella sticks, and more! Keeping your fryer's portable or built-in filtration system well-maintained is vital to a good fryer oil supply that will last longer. This filter paper will help you do just that, saving you money on replacement oil costs and also creating a fresher fried product for your customers.

FRYER FILTER PAPER, 100/BX;19-1/2" X 27-1/2";FRYMASTER BIH152, BIH252, BIH352, BIH452, BIH52, BIH552,;BIPH14, BIPH252/255, BIPH352/355, BIPH452/455, BIPH52/55,;BIPH552, BIRE14, FH150, FM345E, FM35, FM45, FM47, FMH50,;FPH150, FPH17SC, FPH350CSD, FPH50, FPPH217, FPPH355-SC,;FPPH355CSD, FPPH455-SC, H14, H14SC, H17, H17SC, H22, H22SC,;H50, H55, JBIH252, KFC18E, KSCF18G, KSCFH18E, KSCFH218E,;MH152, MH252, MH352, MH452, MH52, MH552, MJ35, MJ45, MJ47,;MJH150, MJH50, MPH14, MPH152/155, MPH252/255, MPH352/355,;MPH452/455, MPH52/55, MRE14, PH155CSD, PMJ35, PRO SERIES,;SCFD250G-RTI, SCFD50, SCFHD50, Super Cascade 75, WFP347ECSE


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