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Paper Chef Hats Are Perfect for Any Employees Working in Food Prep Disposable chef caps are essentials when it comes to keeping your business clean and sanitary. Designed for single use, paper chef hats are made to fit comfortably and snugly on the heads of your cooking and prep staff. This way, you can protect your most popular foods from stray hairs. With a paper chef cap, you can be sure your customers will receive the food that they ordered in pristine condition without the threat of outside contaminants. Here, you can find disposable chef hats in virtually every style from traditional chef hats to bouffant caps. You can also find hair restraints that work as a beard covers for any cook that sports facial hair and overseas caps that work great as a part of employee uniforms for the front of the house. Regardless of their placement though, you can be sure these paper chef hats will keep your business's food clean and sanitary. Also make sure to check out other great items from Chef Revival and Royal Paper.

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