Chef's Coat

Dress Your Staff in Colored Chef Coats and Chef Jackets to Protect Their Clothes and Make Them Look Professional Keep your chefs looking clean and well-kept with chef coats for men or women. Ideal for executive chefs, sous chefs, and other cooks, these jackets will distinguish members of your staff based on experience and skill level. You can use white jackets or colored chef coats to match your cooks and create a uniform look, too. Choose from men's and women's coats in different sizes to make everyone feel comfortable. Made from cotton and poly-cotton blends, these chef coats are designed to absorb or wick away moisture, ensuring your staff stays dry as they work in a hot kitchen. We have white and colored chef coats with long sleeves for the best coverage, short sleeves for increased airflow, and 3/4 sleeves for when your chefs need to do a lot of knife work. Also make sure to check out other great items from Chef Revival and Mercer Culinary.