Prepare your Soups, Salsas, and Sauces with a Professional Blender

Use a commercial blender to mix thick smoothies, create hearty soup, blend frozen cocktails, and more! Designed for use in a food service kitchen, these blenders can withstand frequent use without burning out. They can even break down hard foods like chocolate chips, carrots, almonds, and ice. Choose from transparent glass or shatterproof plastics like copolyester and polycarbonate to see your ingredients as they blend. We also carry stainless steel blenders for the ultimate in durability.

A small commercial blender is best for light-duty blending, while our larger capacity models are built for high-volume restaurants and can accommodate hundreds of ounces at a time. Each jar features measurement markings, so you can measure and blend in the same unit. Control options include electronic styles, programmable models, and toggle or paddle switches. Whether you operate a bar, diner, or fine dining restaurant, any member of your staff will be able to operate an easy-to-use professional blender.