Dust Pan, Lobby

Keep Floors Clean and Free of Dirt Buildup with a Dustpan Sweep up dirt and other debris more easily by adding the proper dustpan to your janitorial supply. Whether you’re looking for a traditional handheld option, or you’re searching for a long handled dustpan that eliminates strain on the user’s back, we’re sure to have an option for you. Choose from lightweight plastic options for easy transport, or go with a metal style for extra durability. Owners of restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, and any other public space will benefit from having a dustpan in supply. If you operate an establishment where there’s constant foot traffic, such as a hotel lobby, then be sure to consider a long handled dustpan that comes complete with an easy-to-grip broom. These models allow you to spot clean or sweep up piles of debris without having to bend over.

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