Use Grill Cleaning Supplies to Maintain Your Equipment and Keep Food Flavors Consistent Our grill cleaning tools will help you remove caked on grease and food residue from your unit, so you can continue cooking foods with your signature flavors. Built up grime can affect the performance of your griddle or oven and alter the taste of your recipes, so it's important to clean and service your unit regularly. We carry grill scrapers, bricks, and squeegees to slough off buildup, wash your griddle's surface, and restore the natural shine of your unit. If you're looking for other grill cleaning supplies, our grill screens and holders will also help you scrape off residue from your griddle. You can simply attach your cleaning pad or scored screen to the holder and rub it over your grilling surface. Thanks to the handle on the holders, your hands won't tire as easily. Our squeegees and scrapers also come with handles of metal, wood, or synthetic materials to help you find the most comfortable grip.